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Top 5 Best Performing Funds (Dec 29, 2017 to Jan 4, 2018)

Here are the Top Funds  (Dec 29, 2017 to Jan 4, 2018)

Fund Name

Source : UITF

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2017 IPO’s Performance

Four companies listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange in 2017 with an initial public offering of as little as P 5.00 per share.

If you’re one of the lucky (or unlucky), here’s how these four companies performed at the closed of the trading of 2017:

Stocks Initial Offer 2017 Closed Gain/Loss
Wilcon Depot P 5.05/share P 8.28/share +64%
Eagle Cement P 15.00/share P 14.78/share -1.5%
Cebu Landmasters P 5.00/share P 4.88/share -2.4%
Chelsea Logistics P 10.68/share P 8.78/share -17.8%

To gain more insights, follow this link.

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BSP Advisory on Cryptocurrency

Last December 29, 2017, the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP released an advisory regarding cryptocurrency or virtual currency. Here’s the list of important security considerations for VCs:

  1. Set-up and use a dedicated email account.  Avoid using the same email accounts or username that you have used in public platforms such as social media.
  2. Keep your VC-related email account to yourself.  In any VC transaction, users need their email account and password.  Thus, it is important to secure not only your password but also your email account.
  3. Set a strong password.  Use complex and hard-to-guess passwords (i.e. alphanumeric including symbols, lower and upper cases).  Avoid re-using the same password for more than one service.
  4. Observe basic internet security.  Exercise caution in accessing your VC wallet especially when using wi-fi connections.  Avoid installing software, browser plugins or downloading attachments from unknown or suspicious websites and emails.  At the same time, do not leave your device unattended.
  5. Subscribe to multi-factor authentication (MFA) provided by the VC wallet provider.  VC users should enable, whenever available, MFA options to their VC accounts.  Adding another layer of authentication can provide increased security to your VC account and transactions.
  6. Separate your funds and use cold storage.  VC funds should be separated in two or more digital wallets for transactional purposes.  The main wallet used to store VC funds for future use should be kept offline or popularly known as cold storage wallet to minimize vulnerability to theft, hacking or fraud.


To know more about BSP’s advisory, please visit this link.

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Bitcoin Scams: Don’t be a victim!

In my last post, I shared the cloud-based bitcoin mining. I even invited some of my friends to join. I also tried to buy additional hash power to boost mining capability.

My account was earning about 100,000 Satoshis in a day, I did not withdraw hoping that it will eventually.

Until October 23, 2017 when I tried to login to Auroramine and check the progress of my account. Only to find out that the site is no longer operational.


Yes, I was a victim of a bitcoin scammers twice. Continue reading

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PERA : Personal Equity & Retirement Account

PERA or Personal Equity & Retirement Account was launched by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas last Dec. 16, 2016 which aims to  facilitate Filipinos to save for their retirement.

Currently, BPI and BDO are considered to be the pioneer administrator for PERA accounts. To learn more about PERA, here’s a short video from BSP:

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FAQ: Which type of UITF is applicable to investor?

When choosing a UITF, investors should identify their needs and goals and match them against the investment parameters of the product. To determine the clients’ suitability to a fund, the following factors have to be considered:

  • Investment capacity – the amount available for investment
  • Investment horizon – how long a client can stay in the fund
  • Risk profile – how much risk the client is willing to take
  • Investment objective – what the investors seeks to achieve by making the investment, e.g. whether client wants income or capital growth

The investor should likewise be comfortable with the trustee of the UITF in terms of their expertise and skills in fund management.




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FAQ : What is a UITF

A Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is an open-ended pooled trust fund denominated in pesos or any acceptable currency, which is operated and administered by a trust entity and made available by participation. Each UITF product is governed by a Declaration of Trust (or Plan Rules) which contains the investment objectives of the  UITF as well as the mechanics for investing, operating and administering the fund.

Most UITFs are considered medium to long term investments. Clients considering to invest in UITFs must have the financial resources to stay invested in them for a reasonable period of time in order to maximize earnings potentials. If the funds to be invested will be needed by the client in the immediate future, the UITFs may not be a suitable investment vehicle for such client.


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