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Top 3 iPad apps for first time stock traders

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Learning stock trading will be much easier if you have apps that gives you insights about the company you’re following, market and business news. I personally use these apps every day to keep me updated.

Here’s the top 3 iPad apps that use:

PSE Edge

PSE Edge
PSE Edge links with the data of Philippine Stock Exchange. It contains latest company announcements, disclosures, dividend information and other updates. Searching for a company shows you the details like Last Trade Price, High and Low Price so you’ll have an idea of its trend.

PSE EdgePSE Edge


Another app is Bloomberg where you can create a list of your stocks and monitor its trend. You can also read business and financial news using Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Bloomberg


Investagrams let’s you practice stock trading without the need of opening a trading account. When you feel comfortable in investing wi stocks, you can read the blog on how to open an online trading account with zero maintaining balance. The Fundamental and Technical Analysis section let’s you understand how the company is doing and it will help you decide when to buy or sell your shares.


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